Remote Controller for  Sony A7 

1. Start & stop control
2. Zoom control (need the power zoom lens)
3. Taking photo
4. Control multi-cameras at the same time (need extra receiver)

Product Details

The remote controller includes the transmitter and the receiver, please remember to pair them before use it. Connecting the receiver with the camera, 

and then you can remote control the camera by the transmitter. The functions as follows:

“Photo (shutter)”button:

Just as the camera, Half-press for focusing, full-press for shooting.
“W (wide) & T (Tele)” buttons:
They are for camera zooming, applicable for some power zoom lens.
“Camera power” button:
For switching off the camera screen, it’s inapplicable for passive receiver (with no power supply).
“(REC) Start / Stop” button:
Start and stop the Recording.


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